Norwood Hospital temporarily closed following severe floods Sunday

Norwood is on track to clean up a “once in a generation event” Monday after over five inches of rain caused flooding, forced power outages and patient evacuations from Norwood Hospital, the town manager said.

As a result of the power outage, the emergency room at the hospital remains closed until further notice, the hospital announced Monday morning.

“Some of the short-term flooding, we have not seen that in several decades,” Norwood General Manager Tony Mazzucco said Monday morning. “Hopefully it was a once in a generation event.”

Intense rainfall Sunday afternoon including a period of over 4 inches of rain in an hour-span caused Norwood Hospital to lose power, forcing the initial evacuation of approximately 20 patients in ambulances as cars were submerged in the parking lot.

Norwood Fire Chief George Morrice in a statement Monday said an additional 60-70 patients were evacuated around 10 p.m. Sunday evening. Others remained in the Draper Building in the complex, which did not lose power.

Individuals seeking the hospital’s emergency room were directed to Memorial Hospital in Attleboro or Beth Israel Deaconess Needham, while Norwood Urgent Care on Boston Providence Highway was open to walk-ins, according to a statement.

A National Weather Service spotter measured 5.63 inches of rain in Norwood Sunday, causing a lot of flooded basements, Mazzucco said. The town manager said some staff recalled similar severe flooding in 1998 which led to the construction of a new police station.

No injuries were reported in Sunday’s downpour, and power has been restored to nearly all customers, according to the town. The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency was coordinating relief efforts Monday, according to Mazzucco, while the Department of Public Works was clearing roads and obstructions through the night.

“Having close to 20 agencies collaborating was phenomenal,” Mazzucco said, noting emergency responders came from as far as Plymouth and Cohasset.

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