Norwood Hospital patients evacuated after flash flooding

Flash flooding on Sunday forced Norwood Hospital to evacuate over a dozen patients after more than 5 inches of rain caused flooding in the hospital’s basement, the National Weather Service reported.

“We’re getting reports from the hospital of water in the basement, water infiltrating the hospital, and cars under water in the parking lot,” said Torry Gaucher, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service’s Norton office.

Norwood General Manager Tony Mazzucco said the inundation caused electrical problems and the hospital lost power.  Approximately 20 patients were evacuated from the hospital and about 60 remained, Mazzucco said. More would be removed from the facility if problems with the electricity persist.

“Thankfully no one was injured as the result of the power outage, and the most critical patients were moved out of the hospital,” said Mazzucco, said. “Crews are working to restore power back to the hospital and remove water in the building.”

A Herald photographer on scene reported ambulances transporting patients out of the hospital, as well as cars submerged in the parking lot.

“One of our colleagues who lives in Norwood was saying how this is probably the worst flooding there in 10 years,” Gaucher said. “It’s quite something down in that area.”

A spotter for the National Weather Service measured 5.63 inches of rain in Norwood.

“All that heavy rain in a short duration doesn’t happen quite too often,” Gaucher said.

The National Weather Service received several reports of hail throughout the state Sunday, from pea- to golf-sized hail. There were also been many reports of wind damage, including trees down, large branches torn down and power lines taken down.

“It’s been quite the storm out there,” Gaucher said.

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