Cheers to your exes: Citrus and Salt’s “I Didn’t Text You, Tequila Did”

If you’ve so far made it through quarantine without texting your ex in a moment of pandemic-fueled weakness, you deserve an award and a stiff drink.

There’s no better way to celebrate your strong sense of self-control than with a tequila cocktail, and we have just the one for you. Please meet Citrus & Salt’s “I Didn’t Text You, Tequila Did”, a tempting elixir created by Eric Ciaramitaro that will truly put your willpower to the test.

It’s a frothy, fruity blend of guava, lemon and potentially bad phone decisions. Shake things up this weekend by sipping a couple of these babies and leisurely scrolling through your contact list.

1 egg white
¼ oz. agave
1 oz. lemon juice
1 oz. guava puree
2 oz. Altos Plata (silver tequila)

In a shaker, first add the egg white before pouring in the agave, lemon juice, guava puree and tequila. “Hot shake” all of the ingredients without ice. Then, add ice and shake it all again. Double strain the mixture into a glass and enjoy.

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